Winter's Edge

Release Date: November 17, 2017

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A romantic short story based in present day New York City.

Maggie is a lonely shop keeper that must face the decision of selling off her inheritance for a chance to discover her dreams, or continue to live in the comforting memories of her lost family.
Will she embrace change or remain locked in the past?

Winter’s Edge: An Anthology of Historical Fiction

Forged in the Roman Empire, follow three daggers through two thousand winters…
Three daggers with wolf-head pommels, forged in the Roman Era. Initially awarded to three women for heroic service to the Empire, the daggers are separated for over two thousand years.

They cross intriguing paths with Richard the Lionheart in Medieval France, Leonardo DaVinci leaving Renaissance Italy, spies in Rococo Austria, Misters Darcy & Bingley in Georgian England, and courageous farmers in Dust Bowl Kansas, until the daggers’ fate is revealed in modern-day New York City.

Seven heart-warming (and sometimes harrowing) tales of the daggers’ two-millennia journey and participation in the winter celebrations of friends and family through the ages.