Series: Ashford Family, WILD Duet #1

Release Date: Oct 7, 2022 *see note

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D.M. Davis’ WILDFLOWER is a heartwarming, secret crush, first responder, steamy contemporary romance between a firefighter and a local flower shop owner.

She’s a five-alarm fire I’ve no wish to extinguish.

She pushes all my buttons, strikes me in just the right way.
From her pale-green gaze as she nervously brushes her wavy locks from her face, to the stammer in her flustered responses—I can’t get enough.
I brave fires for a living, yet this connection is so flammable, I’m afraid to touch it.
Afraid to mess it up.
Afraid to get burned.

When destiny has her in need of help, I’m there.
She gives me an inch. I’m stealing a mile.
Taking her for the ride of our lives.

Only fate has other plans, forcing me to make an impossible life or death decision I’m afraid she can never forgive.

Intended for mature audiences.

Note: WILDFLOWER originally appeared in the Heroes with Heat and Heart Vol 2 Anthology from Jun 28 to Oct 2, 2022. It was republished on Oct 7, 2022 as WILD Duet book One.

WILD Duet is the beginning of D.M. Davis’ Ashford Family series.

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