Black Ops MMA Series

Meet the men of the Black Ops MMA Series. They’re tough, determined, and sometimes too alpha for their own good.

NO MERCY is Book 1 and an Enemies to Lovers Romance with Gabriel “No Mercy” Stone losing his heart to his best friend’s woman. To hide his feelings, he ignores her and treats her like crap. But when things go south with her boyfriend, Gabriel is there to pick up the pieces because when it comes to protecting his Angel, he has no mercy.

ROWDY is book 2 and a Best Friend’s Sister Romance with Cameron “Rowdy” Jenkins falling hard for two woman. One wouldn’t have him, the other couldn’t. What’s a broken-hearted alpha to do except fight the darkness to find is own HEA. If you think this is a love story. You’re wrong. It’s a massacre.

CAPTAIN is book 3 and a Friends to Lovers Romance with the Black Ops MMA’s fearless leader who loves hard but forgot how to be loved in return. CAP understands better than most that sometimes you have to break to become the person you’re meant to be. But can he tear the barbwire from around his heart to love a woman with a haunting past only to discover the broken have more pieces to love?

COWBOY is book 4 and a Best Friend’s Sister/Boss’ Daughter/Second-Chance Romance. Landry “Cowboy” Pierce fell in love when he was seventeen. Too friggin’ young to fall so hard, to be so enraptured by the blonde devil that stole the breath straight from his lungs and the beat from his heart. She left him broken, devastated, and fighting for steady ground. Years later, she shoes up where he least expects, belonging to those who can make or break my MMA career, or worse, get me disowned from my family by choice. He’s not prepared for the truth of why she left, what happened afterwards, or the shattering journey that brought her back to him. Some secrets are worse than the perceived truth.

MUSTANG is book 5 and the last in the series with a Why-Choose MFM Romance. Jess “Mustang” Riley is hard on the outside and gooey in the middle. He’s everyone’s friend except when it comes to a certain doctor who sparks more than his desire to claim her for only a few lust-filled nights that include sharing her with his best friend, Walker. She turns his assumptions upside down, making him crave what he never intending on keepingher.

Come meet the men that are sometimes too tough to love, but too sexy to hate.

Don’t miss A Black Ops Christmas novella. Join the Black Ops MMA alphas and their women as they celebrate Christmas on the slopes, vying for alone time while juggling kids and holiday festivities. A BOM Christmas should be read after COWBOY.

NOTE To The Reader:
The Black Ops MMA books are integrated standalones with subplots that carry through from book 1 to book 4. For maximum enjoyment, I suggest the Black Ops MMA Series be read in order to fully experience the world and the characters who inhabit it, beginning with NO MERCY.