Black Ops MMA Series

Meet the men of the Black Ops MMA Series. They’re tough, determined, and sometimes too alpha for their own good.

NO MERCY is Book 1 in the series and part of the KB World’s Everyday Heroes World. Gabriel “No Mercy” Stone is tough, alpha and loves his woman fiercely (once he pulls his head out of his ass. Ha!). When it comes to protecting his Angel, he has no mercy.

ROWDY is book 2 with Cameron “Rowdy” Jenkins falling hard for two woman. One wouldn’t have him, the other couldn’t. What’s a broken-hearted alpha to do except fight the darkness to find the woman who makes everything brighter.

CAPTAIN is book 3 with their fearless leader who loves hard but forgot how to be loved in return. CAP understands better than most that sometimes you have to break to become the person you’re meant to be. But can he tear the barbwire from around his heart to love a woman with a haunting past only to discover the broken have more pieces to love?

COWBOY, book 4, is coming mid-2021. Landry “Cowboy” Pierce fell hard for his best friend’s sister. He didn’t know it was his boss’s daughter until he was in deep, too late to stop this runaway train. Will he reach his destination with his Texas girl, or will she derail this train?

Book 5… Well, you’ll just have to read to find out who will be next!

Come meet the men that are sometimes too tough to love, but too sexy to hate.

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