Release Date: November 16, 2023

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MUSTANG, Black Ops MMA Book 5

My mangled heart beats for her, but hers beats for him… And maybe me.


I’ve never been one for norms. I fight and bake for a living.

Why should I expect my sex-life to be any different?

And I don’t mean love-life. I don’t do love.

I’ve been there. Done that. My heart is mangled for a reason.

My best friend, Walker, and I like to share… As in together.

I’m a transactional, one-time only kinda guy.


Then we met her.


She set off a seismic tremor that threatened to crumble the wall around my heart.

She haunts my thoughts, sinking under my skin like a demon.



I hate how easily thoughts of her sway my body and mind.

It’s a constant battle of wills between what I want and what I can have.


She’s not meant for me. I’m not her forever, regardless of Walker or my treacherous heart trying to convince me otherwise.


I’m her right now—that’s all I can ever be.


D.M. Davis’ MUSTANG is an angsty, heart clenching, why-choose, contemporary sports romance that has Jess fighting his desires, Walker praying he won’t be forgotten, and Berklyn willing to lose them both because she won’t choose one over the other.


Buy now to get lost in this steamy why chose romance with all the feels.


MUSTANG is Book Five and the last in the Black Ops MMA series.


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