No Mercy

Release Date: AUG 13, 2020 & OCT 26, 2023

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NO MERCY, Black Ops MMA Book 1

When it comes to protecting his angel, he has no mercy.

The first time I saw her, she made my pulse dance to a rhythm that matched the sway of her hips.
The second time I saw her, she was in the arms of my best friend.
That broken, rusty organ in my chest hasn’t beaten since.
Blood doesn’t run through these veins, it’s pure, unleaded determination.
I’ve fought my whole life. For safety. For Food. For my family.
Five years later, I’m fighting for my position in the MMA world.
No distractions.
Only, my angel needs me, and that tin can behind my ribs found its beat again.

Gabriel “No Mercy” Stone earned his fight-name long before he entered the octagon.
He’s been a thorn in my side for years.
He takes pleasure in proving his nickname to me at every turn.
He’s relentless. He’s heartless.
Until one day he’s not.
It took the worst day of my life for Gabriel to show me mercy. 

Broken and afraid, I let him piece me back together.
He offers me everything yet promises nothing. 

When a man shows he has no mercy, you should believe him.

Intended for mature audiences. Some scenes my contain triggers.

NO MERCY was first released in Aug 2020 as part of the KB World’s Everyday Heroes World. NO MERCY is no longer a part of that would and has been republished as of Oct 2023 with new Bonus Content.


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