Finding Grace Series

Texas-native Lauren is The Queen of The Gifted, not a queen in the normal sense, not royalty, not really. She is the Queen of those that have The Gift, a race of humans who for millennia have existed in secrecy among the non-gifted. The Gifted are born to bond with one mate for life, the connection so deep, that when one dies the other dies as well—existence without their soulmate, their perfect match, is inconceivable.

They are called The Gifted because each are born with certain ‘gifts’ that surface once they find their perfect match. The Gifted can only pass on their gifts to children conceived with their predestined mate. Every hundred years a new queen is born to invigorate the race and ensure its sustainability.

None are more gifted than The Queen and her Alpha.

This is a contemporary romance series with a paranormal twist that takes the reader on a sensual journey through the eyes of Lauren and Theo and brings about the knowledge that they have a bond that few share. They are unaware of The Gift in book one. However, they know the effects: the intense feelings and sexual attraction that draws them to each other like magnets, unable and unwilling to resist the pull, the attraction, the desire.

The Road to Redemption is the first novel in the Finding Grace series that chronicles how it all began, and how Lauren met her perfect match, her soulmate, her Alpha, her Theo.

Note to the Reader:
Don’t let the Finding Grace series name fool you. This is not a religious series. Though there are religious undertones, above all else, this is a steamy romance with hints of paranormal. The paranormal aspect grows as the series progresses, but at its heart this is a love story with all the wonderful gooey details of what happens between a man and a woman when they fall in love, and all the magical moments thereafter.

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NOTE: The Finding Grace Series is ON HOLD for the foreseeable future.