Until You Are Mine

Series: Until You #2

Release Date: February 16, 2018

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Love. Justice. Sacrifice.

D.M. Davis’ Until You Are Mine is the second book in the Until You series and is the tension-filled sequel to Until You Set Me Free.

Heartbreak comes in many forms.  
Sometimes someone breaks your heart.  
Sometimes life does the breaking.  
And sometimes, just sometimes, you break your own heart to save the ones you love. 

Samantha did what she had to do to protect the man she loves. Joseph will do whatever he has to for the woman he loves. But a murderer has other plans. 

Can Joseph and Samantha find their way back to each other before time runs out?

Until You Series Books 1-3 are Joseph and Samantha’s epic love story and should be read in order.

Intended for mature audiences.

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