Until You Save Me

Series: Until You #6

Release Date: Coming 2024

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Until You Book 6

Actions speak louder than words.

…And some actions can never be forgiven.

She is devastation.

She reaps it. She dwells in it.

She cast a wide net and caught me… hook, line, and sinker.

Then she came after my family, hurting those I love.

Now, she dares to seek forgiveness.

Once my safe place, she’s nothing more than a bitter memory, a painful reminder of how far I’d fallen.

If she forces my hand, I’ll bury her, shove her back in the hole she crawled out of.

What she’s done is unforgivable.

Yet, a part of me wants nothing more than to give her what she seeks, and take what I need.

When two damaged souls want each other more than they need their next breath, will they drown in the depths of resentment or grasp at the fragile hope of redemption, forgiveness, and love?

Until You Save Me
, Book Six in the gripping Until You Series, is Jace and Veronica’s second-chance redemption love story that delves into the shadows of insecurity and the raw anguish of lashing out in pain instead of reaching out with love.

Jace and Veronica’s story is coming 2024!

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