Until You Set Me Free

Series: Until You #1

Release Date: January 1, 2018

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Love. Tragedy. Sacrifice.

D.M. Davis’ Until You Set Me Free is the first book in the Until You series and is a sexy, heart-wrenching, meant-to-be, new adult contemporary romance.

Joseph’s future is mapped out—take his rightful place as head of technology and development at his family’s multi-billion-dollar tech company. But when his best friend’s sexy little sister catches his eye, his focus crumbles. And when a mad-man threatens her life, all bets are off.

Samantha buries herself in her high school studies, focusing on graduating early from college and heading into a successful tech career. She’s beautiful, sassy, and confident in her abilities, except when it comes to attracting the man she’s afraid to want—Joseph. When the lives of the ones she loves are on the line, she’ll do anything to keep them safe.

When tragedy strikes, will Joseph step up and be the man she needs? Can Samantha trust she’s the woman he wants?

Until You Series Books 1-3 are Joseph and Samantha’s epic love story and should be read in order.

Intended for mature audiences.

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