Until You Forgive

Series: Until You #5

Release Date: 2021

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Until You Book 5

Matt and Gabby’s story is coming in 2021!

Meet Matt, the middle McIntyre bother. He’ll charm you out of your panties in three seconds flat.

Well, he used to.

Now, he’s sworn off women, rehabbing his manwhore ways, and wearing regret like the suit he dons every day as VP of Marketing for his family’s business, McIntyre Corp Industries.

Matt has a chest full of regret and missteps.

His number one being Gabby, the girl who got away.
The girl who broke his heart.
The girl he hurt in one devastatingly thoughtless act.

He’s changed, but can he convince the only girl he’s ever loved of that fact?

Will Gabby let go of the past and give the man she could never forget a second chance, or will she take the safe route and marry her best friend who warms her heart but not her bed?

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