Until You Forgive

Series: Until You #5

Release Date: Dec 9, 2021

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Until You Book 5

I’m two people: the man I was before her and the man I am after her.

It’s been seven years since I’ve laid eyes on my heart, my Gabby.

The girl I hurt in one devastatingly thoughtless act.

The girl who broke my heart, after I broke hers.

My chest is full of shame and missteps.

I wear regret like the suit I don every day as VP of Marketing for my family’s tech company—my number one regret being Gabby, the girl who got away.

You may know me as the middle McIntyre brother—the playboy millionaire who spends his days in the boardroom and his nights in any bedroom he chooses.

She’s the reason for my manwhore ways… She drove me to it.

But I’m not that. Not anymore.

When destiny puts her in my path again, can I convince the only girl I’ve ever loved I’m worth forgiving, worth a second chance, or will I lose her to a man I can’t stand, who warms her heart but not her bed?


D.M. Davis’ Until You Forgive is a heart-wrenching, second chance romance with a love triangle between a playboy millionaire, a celebrity athlete, and the loyal best friend.

Note to Reader: Until You Forgive runs concurrent to Until You Books 1-4 and beyond. Therefore, I highly recommend you read the previous books before jumping into Matt and Gabby’s story to avoid spoilers and missing out on getting to know the whole cast from word one.


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